Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Battle of Northampton - Letter From The Earl Of Wessex To King Richard III

My Dear Friend Richard,

I am sorry for the delay in responding but it has taken a long time to carry out a proper burial and build an appropriate monument for the fallen foe who died on the Field of Northampton.

The Earl of Essex wishes it to be known throughout the Kingdom that the Army of The Man with No name did indeed fight bravely and with honour - My Nobles recognise their courage and tenacity- we salute you. It was however a futile gesture and they should never have been expected to defend a position that day against our superior force both in terms of numbers and quality.

Ultimately our forces led by Myself , the Earl of Essex, and admirably supported by Lord Stanley managed to secure the prepared positron they had been tasked to capture. Our army did not have the stomach to continue what would have been a slaughter and graciously decided that the few enemy troops left on the battlefield would be allowed- honourably - to retire from the scene and hopefully learn from their error of judgement and misguided loyalty to a cause built on the foundations of illegitimacy. .

We acknowledge the courage of our foe and would welcome them as brothers to join and support our legitimate cause and question the leadership and judgement of our enemies senior commanders to allow such a one sided contest to occur in the first place. Let it be known i take no pleasure in the slaughter of fellow countrymen.

Your Noble Friend,

Perkins Welbeck
Earl Of Essex
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
Warden of the Northern Marches
High Admiral of England

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