Monday, 21 June 2010

Lord Stanley The Younger - Latest Thoughts

Dearest Lords,

I have to take some issue with the recent comments issued by the Scottish element, namely;

1. Horde!! (Although there were two Yorkist Lords our numbers still failed to match that of the heathen Scots fighting in Lancastrian colours), they also had the advantage of secure flanks, narrow frontage, ditches and stakes over which we had to fight to get to the filthy dogs.

2. The only Lancastrians I saw praying were those under my sword at the end of the battle.

3. The only thing the Lancastrians held at the end of the day was a wake to mourn their numerous dead, they certainly did not hold their position as this was over-run by my lusty men. Although technically they did still hold it in a way, as most of their troops adorned the ground in a grisly array of death.

4. My guns crews were not slain but had merely withdrawn due to their powder being ineffective in the inclement weather.

My official head-counter Lord Darling (former chancellor and therefore brilliant bean-counter) said that he had counted over 100 dead felled by our arrows whilst we lost only 7 dead amongst our own number - A victory in any mans book- what happened on the other half of the field was none of my concern!!!

I’ll be quite happy to fight the remains of this army on any day of their Lords choosing!!

All the stuff about Fletch was true.

Lord Stanley the Younger –

“I seek him here I seek him there, my fathers slayer had better be ‘ware’’

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