Monday, 21 June 2010

A Highland Viewpoint


1. Please excuse the tardiness of this missive, as I have been incredibly busy after the dastardly attack by overwhelming Yorkist cowards round the bends in the river near Northampton. The 2 Yorkist lords, (Fletch & Nick) assembled their hordes (and my, they were big hordes) and brought them thundering across England's green and pleasant fields to bring death and destruction to my vastly outnumbered force, which was reduced by having many of their nobility attending prayers, and who therefore missed the battle.

2. That notwithstanding, the noble Lancastrian force bravely held their ground in the face of overwhelming odds, and even launched an audacious counterattack on Fletch's craven mercenary pikemen. This threw lord Fletch into severe panic, with various of his troops running in abject panic, while his noble knights, not having any counterparts to worry about, endeavoured to charge the advancing Lancastrians but botching up their manoeuvre and getting tangled up in a ditch - thereby playing no part in the battle. Some scurrilous bounders actually suggested that this was done quite deliberately, as a commander as able as Lord Fletch couldn't possibly make such a basic blunder, and that the Yorkist knights were afraid to face the Lancastrian infantry! Whatever the reason, the Yorkie bar Knights played no part in their armies endeavours, but almost joined their infantry in the route!.

3. Meanwhile, Lord Nick was fighting a much more canny battle. Advancing slowly, he was using his far greater volume of bowmen to whittle the gallant Lancastrian numbers. It wasn't without cost; the Lancastrian bowmen, incensed at the treatment they were receiving, showered the 2 Yorkist cannons with arrows, wiping out their crews. So as night began to fall, the Lancastrians were desperately holding their position by the river, having suffered dreadful losses from Lord Nick's archers, while Lord Fletch's forces were in complete disarray, with dead bodies strewn across the battlefield, and men routing in terror from the gallent band of Lancastrian defenders. An epic result for a hideously outnumbered Lancastrian force, and one that is thirsting for revenge.

One very enraged Lancastrian supporter.

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