Friday, 4 June 2010

The Battle Of Huntingdon 1459

Gentlemen, we are indeed again incredibly fortunate to have an After Action Report from 'Sabre' our independent and totally impartial reporter who has recently being covering the conflict.



King Richard (Ian) whilst undertaking his royal duties in the town of Huntingdon yesterday, hastened to its defence when a Scottish looting mob led by Lord Bravetart (Dave I) in the pay of the filthy Lancastrian scum attempted to attack the town. The King with only a small retinue and grossly outnumbered put up a spirited and masterly defence from behind the town walls. Although the unwashed trash did penetrate into a small part of the town, the quality of the defence was such, and the losses taken so horrendous, that in front of his entire army, the cowardly Bravetart did flee in front of the slaughter, when faced with the possibility of having the fight the King himself in personal combat.

As night fell, the thousands of Lancastrian dead were collected and burned like the vermin they are, and the 35 god fearing men of the Kings army who fell in combat were buried with full military honours. A sad day indeed for their families, however they can take solace from the fact that they gave their lives for a noble and worthy cause which on this day was an Total Victory for the god fearing Yorkist cause.

Senior Reporter at the Yorkist Times.

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