Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Next Battles

June will see more of the great Lords of England join the fray.

June 10th
The Battle of Nibley Green, 1460: Pole v's Pole

June 17th
The Battle of Northampton, 1460: Essex and Stanley the Younger v's Scots Mercenaries

Additional acenarios for 1460 (sign up and claim your victory).

The Siege of London, 1460: 2 Yorkists v's 1 Lancastrian
The Battle of Worksop, 1460: 1 Yorkist v's 1 Lancastrian
The Battle of Wakefield, 1460: 1 Yorkist v's 2 Lancastrians

Other news:

Lord Grey has committed himself to the Lancastrian cause.

King Richard has seen fit to recognise the claim of Perkin Warbeck, annointing him as Lord Essex.

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