Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Battle of Tillyfield - Skirmish at Nibley Green

Battle of Tillyfield - Skirmish at Nibley Green On 10th Jun (By Dave Till)

I write this to report the emphatic victory of the ‘Yorkist’ forces at the battle of Tillyfield. Such a one-sided victory will surely never be forgotten. Despite the many heroic deeds performed on this battlefield the true glory belongs to John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln and his brave force that created the foundation for this victory.

Whilst preparing for the upcoming battle, news arrived within the Yorkist camp of another force approaching the expected battlesite. This force apparently being led by the Earl of Lincolns father. A decision was taken to despatch a small force to intercept, so as to ascertain their loyalties. Orders were given to delay their progress and prevent them reaching Tillyfield during the battle, also to seize any supplies of arrows ensuring they were in Yorkist hands. The Earl of Lincoln certain that his father’s loyalties were with the Yorkist cause volunteered to lead this force to prevent any ‘misunderstandings’.

Arriving at Nibley Green, Lincoln found an Army arrayed in front of him. He hastily placed his force on the field, still confident of his fathers affections he felt confident to place himself clearly visible at the front of his army. A view confirmed when troops left his fathers force and dashed across the battlefield swelling his ranks by a further 20%.

However his father’s views had been poisoned against the legitimate king and an unexpected bombardment ensued. Lincoln decided to rush across the battlefield in an attempt to speak to his father but he was not prepared to listen. The skirmish came to an end when a freak shot from one of the Lancastrian cannon unseated Lincoln from his horse and he had to helped from the field, reports of his death can not as yet be confirmed. However his brave actions did successfully delay this supporting force and all their arrows were in Yorkist possession by the end.

A word of caution against complacency though for the Yorkist cause. It must be remembered that the ultimate victors in any conflict sometimes distort history. Should the unthinkable occur and Lancastrian supported ambitions be successful, the truth about the heroic and brave delaying action will no doubt be distorted and claimed as a Lancastrian success whilst major victories such as that at Tillyfield will be striken from history for all time. Be warned!

Justice will be done as Nibley Green social services have been alerted to this child abuse.

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