Friday, 25 June 2010

Duc de Beatee Arrives !!! - INVASION !!!


The army of the Duc de Beateee has arrived on the shores of this kingdom of England in glorious fashion bursting through the host of Duke de Hathaway in a very convincing style. The cowardly Lancastrians lined the dunes as the French ships beached and disembarked their brave forces. They proceeded up the beach routing many thousands of iron shod billmen led by a so called noble knight. Some have previously described Francs Archers as "chicken" but these stout Gallic fellows certainly showed their mettle and together with the inspiringly accurate French gunners dispatched the billmen in short order.

The Lancastrian scum knights even left the area having been distracted by a handful of French Peasants allowing the bulk of the French army to successfully land and move to the nearby town where they took the castle by stealth, the garrison of which is now being buried beneath the dunes.

Another great victory to the Yorkists

Alistaire De Campbell
Scribe to the Glorious Dec De Beateee

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