Friday, 28 May 2010

Yorkists Routed at Ludford

The cause of our lawful King Henry has been greatly aided by the complete rout of the rebel forces at Ludford.

No rebel was left standing as the unstoppable faithful inspired by the memory of St John of Blore swept across a heavily fortified position with just a few scratches. Our gallant leader Pierre De Breze himself suffered a mere flesh wound clearing token Yorkist resistance.

The rebels have no taste for this fight victory is assured for the Red Rose.

Colpeth Cartwright
Squire in the service of the house of Lancaster

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Filthy Peasant!

You betray your complete ignorance with your attached missive:

1) We do not know what you mean by "ligitimate". Obviously you cannot mean "legitimate" as that would confuse the commoners that the Yorkist cause has legitimacy.

2) Who are the "Lancashire faction"? Presumably this is an incomptetent, ingnorant, and inarticulate reference to the Royal House of Lancaster, which has no special relationship to Lancashire other than being its lawful King! Lancaster is not a faction, but your God given ruling dynasty. York is not a faction, but a collection of rebels traitors theives and vulgar ill disposed persons of low station.

3) "a step to far". This is why it is wasteful and wrong to educate commoners.

Back to your roasting spit, Scullion!

De Breze

Perhaps you could arrange to deploy yourself opposite my army and we can discuss this in greater detail.

A Message from the Pope

Dearest Bretheren

it is my great honour to convey to you great instructions from the most holy leader of Chrsitendon

We are saddened to hear of the loss of John Morton a true practitioner and noble inspiration of the faith in your great country.

In respect of his achievemnents we have seen fit to open the path to his elevation to the highest company of the most holy at the right hand of our Lord himself.

For now and forever John will be known as St John of Blore

May his life's works be an inspiration to all.

The Right Reverend Deacon John Pyme
Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury

On behalf of His most holy
Pope Pius II

Monday, 24 May 2010

Rejoice Rejoice (if you support the illiterate Yorkist cause)‏

The Church as always is understanding and seeks to hold its hand out to all true Englishmen.

We see where the misunderstanding comes from - illiterate Irish supporting the illegitimate Yorkist cause.

Perkins - surrender and place yourself in our most lenient hands

The Right Reverend Deacon John Pimm
Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Rejoice Rejoice (if you support the ligitimate Yorkist cause)‏

An Archbishop who can actually ride a horse would be a step forward for the Lancashire faction.
Someone who recognises the truth would obviously be a step to far.....

Has the Lancashire army who were at Blore Heath managed to stopped running or was the sight of the Irish horde massing over the brook still causing them sleepless nights?

Perkins Walbeck


Rejoice that our Lord God Almighty has regaled our rightful King Henry with mighty victories. The just cause of the house of the Red Rose has been upheld with the Yorkist rebels expelled from rioting and looting in our fair town of St Albans and the field swept clear at Blore Heath.

The church looks forward with eager anticipation for King Henry’s anointment of a new Archbishop to follow in the footsteps of the late John Morton. John is sure to be looking down on us with great praise for the mighty deeds done in pursuit of a just and righteous cause.

Rejoice for with the Good Lord on our side victory will surely be ours.

The Right Reverend Deacon John Pymme

Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury

A message on behalf of King Henry

Greetings to all loyal and well affected subjects.

The Lord has seen fit to reward his chosen King Henry with another marvellous victory! Rejoice!

The tales of heroism among the Lancastrian ranks are too many to recount in full, and the imecilic activities of the treacherous rebels too disgraceful to committ to parchment this day. However the people need highlights to bring the glorious episode to life, to divert them from their God given task of ploughing and being taxed.

Firstly it must be noted that the rebel filthy commoner Warpeck, or Simnel (or some other tradespersons name) has so little support in the country that his army was almost entirely composed of foreigners;French, Irish bog 'people', and even worse, Scots. This can hardly be called an army, it was more a convention of thieves and looters.

As the rebel Stanley took the field it was noted by all that he was so full of shame for his treason that he dared not let his troops wear his livery, dressing them all in black in a vain attempt to hide his identity.

As Waldeck failed in his assault upon Brave Bishop Mortons army, he authorised an assassin to stab our martyred hero in the back! Murdered in his moment of glory! For some reason the murdering guttersnipe claimed this as victory. Things may be so in the vile gutter that Welbeck inhabits, but noble deeds of war are evaluated quite differently. You can kill a man, but his reputation and honour live on.

My Lord Somerset was attacked by the perjured coward Stanley. Their armies traded arrows and blows, but the 'courage' of Stanley was tested so he hurried from the field leaving one of his henchmen in charge. As the Men At Arms closed to decide the issue, brave and combative words were exchanged between Somerset and Stanleys unsporting champion. This was no battle for honour, but a bloody fight for total victory. God gave victory to Henry's people, and the foul mouthed squire was struck down attempting to flee. In the pursuit 'brave' Stanley was cornered and felled like a squealing pig. The Yorkist Rebel army then dissolved, leaving the field to the loyal followers of the King.

Ex Post Facto. The entire Stanley family, and their direct relatives have been attainted by a legal Act of Attainder. Their lands, titles and marriages are forfeit. His Majesty withdraws his favour from such a vile litter.

Somerset, for his loyal and brave service has been appointed Royal Receiver of all Stanley lands and castles, and is permitted to kill anyone called Stanley whom he meets in the course of his travels.

Warpeck has fled to Ireland to recruit more bandits, though he may find it difficult as the Irish seem to die in droves under his command.

The coward Stanley was as noted above executed whilst attempting to escape. As befits a traitor he has been beheaded, and it has been returned to his family. His body has been fed to pigs and hopefully it will not poison them.

The traitor Stanley the younger remains at large but as he is outside the protection of the law, anyone who sees him can strike him down, where he will likely offer as little resistance as his bold talking father.

Poor Bishop Mortons remains were conveyed in State to his mausoleum at Canterbury. As he died defending his God appointed monarch he instantly becomes an English Martyr, and we understand that His Holiness will convey sainthood upon him presently. He rests in heaven on His right side and need not be troubled by the base cares of this world again.

His murderer, stabbing a simple priest in the back in the middle of a battle, can expect no such end. Killing a Bishop, and taking the field against ones God appointed King are both mortal sins: Murder and Blasphemy. We can be sure that he and his fellow conspiritors will edure in Hell for a thousand, thousand years, devilish tortures that not even a saracen or Yorkist could imagine.

All Yorkists are henceforth excommunicated and may not be offered the comfort of the Sacraments, or burial within Consecrated ground. Such treatment is fitting for Blasphemers and Regicides.

His Majesty conveys his paternal love and good wishes to all his loyal subjects.

Fra. Francis

Secretary to His Majesty Henry.

Friday, 21 May 2010

The Battle of Blore Heath, 1459: Warbeck & Stanley against Somerset & Morton


It is my sad duty to inform you of the fall of our beloved Archbishop John Morton. He gave his life in the pursuit of a just and holy cause and with his last breath ensured that a great and mighty victory was won by the forces loyal to our rightful King. John has set us on the path of righteousness that will see our great land freed from the base and vile deeds of these Yorkist rebels.

John showed us the light in these darkened times. A shining beacon leading forth the valiant defenders of the faith. A bastion of strength in support of the true leader of this great land of ours, God’s appointed King Henry.

His great courage should be a lesson to us all

The Right Reverend Deacon John Pymm.
Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

First Battle of St. Albans 1455 - AAR

Gentlemen, we are indeed fortunate to have an After Action Report from an independent and totally impartial reporter who witnessed the battle on Thursday.


Hostiles have broken out !! The unwashed Scottish hordes (Dave Ireland) in the pay of the unscrupulous Lancastrians sneaked (like thieves in the night) past the blocking forces along Hadrian's Wall and descended on the peaceful town of St Albans. Chasing behind them eager to bring them to battle came the god fearing (Yorkist) forces of Northumberland (Dave Hathaway). As both sides deployed on either side of the town it looked like a blood bath was to ensue.
2010-05-13 ~ S2DSCF2594
Dave H had however became increasingly concerned at the collateral damage and risk of injury to innocent civilians that would be caused by him defeating the Scots amongst the tightly packed houses.
2010-05-13 ~ S2DSCF2599
The true Noble that he is, Dave H opted therefore to conceded ground to the unwashed hordes and situated his army outside the town.
2010-05-13 ~ S2DSCF2596
2010-05-13 ~ S2DSCF2616
Sadly adopting such a strategy put him at such a tactical disadvantage that after the loss of two minor units he felt it prudent to leave the battlefield in good order, conceding a Minor Victory to the Lancastrian cowards in the process.

Senior Reporter at the Yorkist Times.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Yorkist Faction Availability

The clean living, god fearing Yorkist team after checking availability can certainly rise to the challenge and make four battles this month.

Dick III and Pierre have been busy with the scedule running to:

Thu 13th May
The First Battle of St. Albans, 1455: Northumberland and Hairy Arsed Scots

Thu 20th May
The Battle of Blore Heath, 1459: Warbeck & Stanley against Somerset & Morton

We delay the The Rout of Ludford, 1459 until the following week:

Thu 27th May
The Battle of Northampton, 1460: Warbeck & Stanley v's 1 Lancastrian
Rout of Ludford, 1459: Warwick v's Pierre De Breze & 1 Lancastrian

Regards to all

Richard III (aka Ian)

(Quote: I have set my life upon a cast, and I will stand the hazard of the die.)

So this is all shaping up nicely. Scenarios and dates for June to follow.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Future Games

Gents there are now two ways of getting your games booked. Either contact the leader of your faction for him to co-ordinate who plays any given scenario or sign up here. You will see from the list below that I have assigned dates to the scenarios we have so far. This is just for May, further details for June will appear in due course. You can play as many or as few as you like but if you don't get your name down then you will not get a game, simple as that. By doing it this way there is no pressure to play and no need to get a fixed number of games in. The only real thing that I would ask is that if you cannot make a date that you have booked, please let us know and preferably get a stand-in - it is only courteous after all.
Thursday 13th May: The First Battle of St. Albans, 1455: 1 Yorkist v's 1 Lancastrian
.......................... v's Scots Mercenaries (Lancastrian)

Thursday 20th May: The Battle of Blore Heath, 1459: 2 Yorkists v's 2 Lancastrians
.......................... v's ...........................

Thursday 20th May: The Rout of Ludford, 1459: 1 Yorkist v's 2 Lancastrians
.......................... v's ...........................

Thursday 27st May: The Battle of Northampton, 1460: 2 Yorkists v's 1 Lancastrian
.......................... v's ...........................

You will see that the first army on the list are the Scots Mercenaries that have been bribed to join the Lancastrian faction. They will be walking through St Albans unopposed unless a Yorkist steps up to the plate. This should be a fun street battle with full 2,250point armies.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

First Round Of Games to Play

The First Battle of St. Albans, 1455: 1 Yorkist v’s 1 Lancastrian
The Battle of Blore Heath, 1459: 2 Yorkists v’s 2 Lancastrians
The Rout of Ludford, 1459: 1 Yorkist v's 2 Lancastrians
The Battle of Northampton, 1460: 2 Yorkists v’s 1 Lancastrian

All armies to be 2,250 points. I couldn't give a toss who plays which scenario, how many scenarios an individual plays in or in what order they get played. The faction leader may like to put forward the names of who is playing in each game. Then again he may not and it could be a complete free-for-all. However the more games you play the more successful you will be. I will pass on details of each scenario once the combatants are fixed up. Currently 3 Lancastrians will be pretty busy and the unattached can stand by the side watching on picking their noses.
Games to be played (ideally) before the end of May. Some of you who may have glanced at a history book will note that things are not entirely consistent with the official accounts of the period. The accounts are obviously wrong as we wargamers are always right !

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Position As of 4 May

Ian G: Richard III: King and faction leader
James P: Warwick: the kingmaker
Fletch: Perkin Warbeck
Dave H: Northumberland
Nick J: Stanley
Dave Till: Pole

Francis HM: Pierre De Breze: faction leader
Lawrence P: Somerset
Mike E: John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury
Dave I: Hairy arsed Scots

Unattached- unclaimed, unloved, unwanted, whatever...
Graham B: Bloody Foreigner
Guy B: Snooty Noble