Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Filthy Peasant!

You betray your complete ignorance with your attached missive:

1) We do not know what you mean by "ligitimate". Obviously you cannot mean "legitimate" as that would confuse the commoners that the Yorkist cause has legitimacy.

2) Who are the "Lancashire faction"? Presumably this is an incomptetent, ingnorant, and inarticulate reference to the Royal House of Lancaster, which has no special relationship to Lancashire other than being its lawful King! Lancaster is not a faction, but your God given ruling dynasty. York is not a faction, but a collection of rebels traitors theives and vulgar ill disposed persons of low station.

3) "a step to far". This is why it is wasteful and wrong to educate commoners.

Back to your roasting spit, Scullion!

De Breze

Perhaps you could arrange to deploy yourself opposite my army and we can discuss this in greater detail.


  1. Must be very annoying when a filthy peasant can best the House of Lancashire and be victorious on the field of glory.
    Does this not reflect Gods support for truth and legitimacy of rule?.

  2. We have yet to see the Royal army be defeated.

    God will support whomsoever he chooses. We can agree that he certainly supports the truth and legitimacy of Rule, though we feel your inarticulacy has again prevented you from making a point.

    You could defeat a thousand royal armies, but you would still be a filthy peasant.