Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Campaign Information

Results so far:

Followers of the Lancastrian cause have made great claims as to their victories so far in the campaign. Some protagonists on behalf of the Yorkist cause have disputed the accuracy of these claims. Most have seen fit to keep their counsel to themselves.

Oh the rancour, the bleating. Love it. Please keep it up chaps its what campaigns are all about.

As the totally impartial campaign co-ordinator I can only go on what is reported. I do not listen to verbal "results" they could of course be biased and an attempt to pervert the course of history.

I am sure that you would all agree that a totally impartial campaign co-ordinator would not lower himself into such a position.

No instead the campaign will be judged by modern day historians who can use the carefully transcripted writings of the past to present thir own modern interpretation of the events of 500 (or so) years ago.

I present the Richard III Society as an example of this - despite the undisputed facts they still consider that complete and utter b*stard as being a jolly good chap.

There are two perfectly good ways of communicating such information - a simple e-mail to the group or posting on the campaign blog. I will happily post reports to the blog if requested. It is worth at least one player from a battle to report upon it or otherwise the events will simply be a postscript and lost for all time.

Unlike other campaigns, as you have found out you only get games if you "sign up" for them. Likewise you only get credit for your victories if you claim them, after all with nothing to go on the historians have nothing to re-interpret history from.

I hope that this is all clear.

Mike - the totally impartial campaign co-ordinator.

Not to confused with

WILLIAM DE LA POLE, Earl, Marquis, and Duke of Suffolk, chief minister of Henry VI, favourite of Margaret of Anjou, champion of St John of Blore.

He of course would not be so impartial.

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