Saturday, 5 June 2010

Red Rose Rising

Good fellows yet more tidings on behalf of our true king, King Henry.

A new tide of Yorkist supporters has been halted on the beaches of Dover. The traitorous Northumberland landed with huge numbers of French dogs to be met by a small but infinitely brave group of true Englishmen, hastily brought together under the banner of the Duke of Sussex.

Raising the battle cry “St John of Blore” our gallant men turned back wave after wave inflicting horrendous casualties on our foe.

Northumberland seeing his rag tag army mowed down in their droves scuttled off with his tail between his legs. A sorrier looking cur you will never see.

God was with us for the brave men fighting for the true cause suffered light casualties.

Colpethe Cartwright
Squire in the service of the house of Lancaster

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